Adult smokers may get something other than cigarettes with IQOS. IQOS products stand out because they heat the tobacco rather than burn it. As a result, IQOS is a better option for adult smokers than continuing to smoke.

Instead Of Burning Tobacco, Heat It

IQOS tobacco heating devices are a smoking alternative that has assisted millions of adult smokers in quitting. In contrast to vaping, these devices heat actual tobacco rather than e-liquid. This delivers the same familiar feeling as smoking but without the smoke, ash, or residual stench.

The vapour produced by IQOS varies from and does not smell like, cigarette smoke. The odour does not stay on your hands, clothing, or automobile. Furthermore, your fingers, furnishings, and drapes are no longer discoloured.

Heating tobacco, like e-cigarettes, is not without danger. Furthermore, tobacco includes nicotine, which is addicting. As a result, IQOS is only designed for adult smokers or persons who use nicotine-containing products, such as e-cigarettes.

How Does Tobacco Heating Work?

Tobacco is burnt in conventional cigarettes, resulting in smoke. An electrical device heats the tobacco in a Heat-not-Burn system. When tobacco is heated, nicotine and fragrance components are released without the tobacco being burned. IQOS employs proprietary heat control technology, which protects the natural flavour of tobacco by not burning it.

Tobacco sticks are sold under the brand name HEETS and can only be used with IQOS.

Purchase IQOS and HEETS

The Philip Morris IQOS 3 Duo is a form of e-cigarette with a tobacco heating element that utilises tobacco wrapped in special paper to provide nicotine to users. The IQOS battery heats these so-called HEETS.

In traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is burned, producing smoke. The HEETS are heated by the IQOS using an electrical device. Without using a combustion method, this generates nicotine vapour. You may get a real tobacco flavour in this way. Ash and fire are no longer present since there is no combustion.

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The IQOS Iluma consists of only one piece: A pocket-sized gadget that is svelte and well-constructed. A separate charger is not necessary since the battery and heating element for the tobacco are combined into one unit. Up to 20 uses of the device are possible on a single charge. It is offered in a range of hues that match the accessories' colour scheme. The bottom and top of the holder each have individual, material characteristics. Visually, both components are merged to create an "all-in-one" design.

How to Determine Battery Life Expectancy, How To Charge The IQOS Correctly, And How Long The Battery Lasts?

The IQOS charger's battery should survive for many years since, according to the manufacturer, it has 7,000 charging cycles, and the holder will charge 20 times on average during each cycle. How can I tell whether the holder's batteries are still good?

The number of holder charges (HEETS smoked) makes it simple to gauge the battery level while using the charger; initially, it can withstand up to 25 recharges before settling at about 20. Because the charge indicator is not entirely trustworthy, you can come into a scenario where the charger shows two dots but no longer charges.

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