Tax resolution is an umbrella word for services that assist taxpayers who have gotten into problems with the IRS. Tax settlement services, also known as IRS representation, tax issue recovery, or tax disagreement, are in great demand. These services include aid with offers in compromise, lien and levy relief, penalty abatement, and more. Later, we'll go through typical sorts of tax settlements in further depth.

Why should you provide tax resolution?

There are several compelling reasons why tax professionals around the nation are increasingly providing tax resolution services, but let's focus on the top three.

1. Non-seasonal earnings

People who have IRS issues need assistance. Rather than needing to earn the bulk of your revenue during the few months known as "tax season," providing tax resolution services enables you to make a consistent income throughout the year.

2. Enhanced satisfaction

Even in a sector where statistics are key, quantifying something like contentment is challenging. However, virtually all tax professionals believe that tax resolution work is significantly more gratifying (not to mention less tedious) than tax preparation.

Receiving payment for tax resolution services

You're probably do not wanting to handle tax resolution for free, so you'll need to figure out how much to charge and how to collect money from your customers.


There is no one way to price your tax settlement services. However, there are several fundamental factors to consider when determining how much to charge your customers.

1. Determine the value of your service

What type of value do you provide your client? Relief is difficult to quantify, but you can place a monetary value on how much money you have saved your client your price should reflect this.

2. Understand your market

Knowing your market entails more than simply looking at how much other tax resolution firms charge. It's equally crucial to consider your customer base when selecting how to arrange your price.

Do the majority of your customers have straightforward issues and modest budgets? A flat price may be the most appropriate pricing structure for you. Do you often deal with rich clientele and firms whose finances are frequently unexpected and complicated? A per-hour pricing system may be the most effective strategy to guarantee that you are adequately compensated for your services.

Payment collection

Collecting money may be unpleasant, particularly when you're dealing with folks who are already dealing with IRS issues. However, most of that tension may be reduced by simply collecting a portion of the cash before beginning any work.

Agreement for partial payment installment

A partial payment installment arrangement is similar to an installment agreement in that the tax obligation does not have to be addressed in full due to the statute of limitations and the taxpayer's capacity to pay.

Some taxpayers will inevitably be unable to completely pay off their tax burden before the collections statute ends. Nonetheless, the IRS realizes that partial payment is preferable to no payment, so it encourages taxpayers to pay as much as they can until the collection deadline has passed.

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By Blakely