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In 10 Days, Learn To Drive

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Let's make it easy and learn to drive in 10 days. Driving schools in the surrounding area offer a 10-day course for half an hour per day while driving schools in the nearby area offer a 15-day course for half an hour each day. The following elements will be included in your day-wise progress if you sign up for ten days of an hour-a-day course.


You will learn to drive a modified car with pedals on the passenger side. You will be seated in the passenger seat with your instructor and you can use those pedals to control the car.

Knowing your surroundings is important. The instructor will provide general information such as the vehicle's location, brake, clutch, steering wheel, gears, and indicators. The instructor will show you how to adjust the rear and side-view mirrors. On your first day, you will be able to use the accelerator, clutch, and break. Today, your instructor will mainly change the gears.

Driving is all about the half-clutch technique. You will need to stop-star move many times in order to master half-clutch technique. The instructor will show you how to cross speed bumps (speed breakers) and how to honk (blow the horn) while you take turns.


Today you will be able to repeat what you learned yesterday, but with a few important additional points. You will also learn how to control your gear. You can expect to stop, move and start many times throughout the session. You and other road users will feel safer if you are able to control your actions.

You might be taken by your instructor to bumpy and rough roads. You might be able to reverse your car a few times today. Also, you can expect to drive up and down. You will also need to use the half-clutch technique multiple times.


A man who practices makes him perfect. You will continue to practice what you learned the previous two days. It is possible that you will feel better.


You can still practice what you know and make it better. Your vehicle's speed limit should be less than 40 km/h.

The speed control on a school car may be disabled so it is advisable to wait until the 10th day before you take the wheel of your own vehicle. You can practice driving your car at night or evening under the supervision of an adult with a valid driving license.

Day-5, 6

Halfway through, you can expect to feel confident, empowered, and ready to rock. Now you will be able to control your vehicle better. Your car's speed limit should not exceed 40 km/h. Your instructor may allow you to drive slightly faster than 40 KM/H if you feel confident. All that you learned in the previous days will be repeated.

Day-7, 8, & 9

All basic techniques should still be practiced. You can now expect your instructor will take you on the highway, or in traffic if he is confident enough. However, you can accelerate to 45KM/H depending on how competent and experienced you are. Driving through traffic areas where people and/or cars are present.


After 31 days you have obtained your learner driving license, you can apply for permanent driving licensure. To get a permanent driving license, you must impress the RTO officer by showing your driving skills. Driving schools may recommend that you save this class to review lessons later, before applying for a permanent driving license.

You can contact us to learn more about driving lessons in Canberra.

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