If you want to make sugar-free gummy bears, you'll find all the information you need right here.

You will learn how to choose the right ingredients, mix them, mold gummy bears, store them, and choose the appropriate manufacturing equipment.

What Exactly Are Sugar-Free Gummy Bears?

Sugar-free gummy bears are confectionaries that do not contain sugar as a sweetening agent.

Other sweetening ingredients, such as maltitol, can also be used to make sugar-free gummy bears.

Ingredients For Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

To make the sugar-free gummy bear ingredients, you will need to combine specific ingredients in precise amounts.

Here are the main ingredients for making sugar-free gummy bears.

• Vegetable Gelatin

It is the most important ingredient in making sugar-free gummy bears.

It is a type of hydrolyzed collagen derived from bovine bones, skins, and cartilages.

• Artificial Sweeteners

You can choose from a variety of sweeteners on the market as long as they are sugar-free.

In this case, the goal is to eliminate sugar completely, so other sweeteners, such as maltitol, must be used.

• Drinking Water

Water is a universal solvent that will be useful in the production of sugar-free gummy bear candy.

It is the ingredients that will combine with gelatin to form a thick solution or gel, resulting in a chewy and gummy texture.

• Flavorings

Gelatin is odorless and tasteless in its natural state, emphasizing the importance of flavoring it to give it a distinct flavor.

You can make a wide variety of sugar-free gummy bears by combining different flavors, such as fruit flavors.

• Colors And Dyes Of Food Grade

To give the sugar-free gummy bears a unique color, you will also add different colors and dyes to the ingredients.

In this case, you will use federally regulated dyes that are safe to use and will not irritate the body.

• Syrup 

Corn syrup, which retains moisture, is also an important ingredient in the production of sugar-free gummy bears.

Aside from that, corn syrup softens and increases the volume of the sugar-free gummy candy.

• Citrus Juice

Citric acid preserves and extends the shelf life of gummy candy by acting as an artificial flavor.

It has a very low pH, making it extremely difficult for bacteria to grow and thrive.

• Putting the Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Ingredients Together

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Molding Ingredients

• Sugar-Free Cooling Gummy Bear Ingredients

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Molding

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Oil Coating

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Drying

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Sorting

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Packaging

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Storage

• Difficulties in Producing Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

• Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Manufacturing Process Quality Control

Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Manufacturing Machine Parts

• Hopper for Machines

• The Control Panel

• Dosage Pump

• Structure

• Servomotors

• Station for Molding

• System of Cooling

Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Manufacturing Equipment

• Sugar-Free Gummy Making Machine with Coil Cooker

• Weighing Device

• System for Blending

• Jacket Oven

• Gel Injection Molding Machine

• Cleaner for Gummy Bears

• Oiling Drum (also known as an oiler)

• Room for Gel Conditioning

Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Molding Machines With Custom Options

Depending on the type of mold, you can make gomitas sin azucar candy in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Contact us today for a tailored solution to the sugar-free gummy bear manufacturing process.

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