CBD (cannabidiol) is a popular supplement in the wellness, and health industry.

This popularity has continued even though there isn't as much data about CBD or the industry as there is for food, beverages, and supplements.

To satisfy this "green rush", we have a saturated marketplace that offers varying levels of CBD products. So how can you decide which CBD products best suit your needs? Below are some tips to help you choose the right CBD products.

Make sure you read the label

Despite rapid advances in CBD regulation in North America, there is still plenty of fraud in the CBD market.

In terms of cannabinoid content alone, it has been shown that as high as 60% of CBD products have been mislabeled over the past year. These CBD products don't list the amount of THC or synthetic cannabinoids in them. Some CBD brands have even been known to make people sick. These CBD products are called "white label" CBD.

CBD products that come from high-grade facilities for hemp production, such as just CBD Products, tend to be controlled at every stage of the process: growth, formulation, and manufacturing. Just CBD Products prides itself on using the highest quality industrial hemp, sourced from farms across the United States. We can assure our customers that they are getting only the best.

It is important to know how involved the CBD Company is with the product before you buy it. From hemp growing to the product.

What is the source?

You must know where your CBD product was sourced.

U.S.-grown Hemp like fusions is fine. European hemp is also a great choice. The UK, France (the Netherlands), Germany, Spain, Spain, Italy, and Italy have extensive experience growing hemp.

The fact that growers in both the U.S.A. and Europe are subject to strict regulations and standards is a testament to the quality of hemp grown on these continents.

Knowing where the hemp was sourced is another consideration. The extraction process can vary from one company to the next. The best way to get help is through a CO2 solvent that has dissolved CBD molecules. This method allows for higher levels of cannabinoids to be extracted from the plants, which results in higher purity. Plus, it doesn't contain any other chemicals.


If you choose CBD products that contain hemp from another extraction method, you should know what chemical ingredients were used. This could make them less effective or harmful than the purer CBD oils.

Do (more) research?

Google has shown us over the years that you shouldn't trust everything you read on the internet.

A common question we receive from consumers, even after they have done their research, is what the difference is between full-spectrum versus broad-spectrum CBD. We can quickly address this.

What is full spectrum CBD? Full Spectrum CBD products are made using hemp that has all the plants' components, and not just CBD. These products can contain terpenes and other naturally occurring oils, along with small amounts of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a mix of pure CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. It is more or fewer full-spectrum CBD with no traces of THC.

You should also consider the content of CBD and THC when looking for the best CBD products. Low THC and high CBD levels in a product may help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety and stress. While products with higher CBD-to-THC ratios might be more effective for treating chronic pain, or physical pain, those with lower CBD-to THC ratios will be more beneficial.

You should not have any trouble finding the source methods, ingredient lists, or other important information about a company’s CBD products. It could be a red flag.

You now know how to choose the right CBD products for yourself.  Just CBD store is a trustable source of CBD online Check out our online shop with CBD items that are made from the finest industrial-grade hemp 


By Blakely