All helmets sold in Australia must comply with one of these requirements. Motorcycle accessory importers in Australia have no motive to import a helmet that does not meet one of these requirements because it cannot be legally or ethically sold in a shop.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion on which helmet model they want and "how much their head is worth." This page is meant to assist you to make an informed decision and to present you with facts you may not have known about.


Helmets That Are Modular Or Flip-Up

Flip-up motorcycle Shoei Helmets have elements of both full-face and open-face helmets. They have a chin bar that the rider may adjust up and down as needed. The chin bar is removable in certain modular helmet models.

This helmet also includes a flip-up visor to protect the wearer's eyes. Some variants include a secondary visor below for additional sun protection. Some riders may choose to tilt the visor up while going at low speeds, while expert motorcyclists advocate riding with the visor locked.

Modular helmets are most motorcyclists' second option for safety after full-face helmets. A modular helmet's safety rating varies depending on whether it is open or closed/locked. If the modular helmet lacks a safety rating for the open position, it should only be used in the closed position.

Modular helmets are appropriate for informal riding styles or those requiring an upright riding position. It's a great option for riders who want to go touring, cruising, scootering, or adventure riding but don't want to wear a full-face helmet.


Helmets For Off-Road/Motocross/Dirt Bikes

Off-road, motocross, and dirt bike riding are harsh, rigorous sports that necessitate the use of a specialist helmet. An off-road helmet has an extended peak and chin bar. In difficult bike circumstances, these safety elements give good protection. They shield the rider from hazards like dust particles, low-hanging branches, and flying debris from other riders, all of which might cause an accident.

The majority of off-road helmets are built of composite materials including fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Because off-road helmets are lightweight, motorcyclists can supplement their safety and protection by wearing goggles, body armor, or a neck brace.

Off-road helmets are not appropriate for city commuting or highway rides.


Dual-Sport/Adventure Helmet

They are particularly helpful whether riders desire to ride on or off the road.

This motorcycle helmet has an outer style that is comparable to an off-road helmet. The majority of models have a broad, aerodynamic visor. Dual sport helmets include an elongated chin bar as well, however, it is not as long as the chin bars seen on off-road helmets. Dual sport helmets, like many full-face helmets, include extra padding on the inside to provide the wearer with more comfort while riding.

Many multipurpose sports helmets include a broad visor for improved visibility and eye protection. Riders may keep the visor locked in place whether riding on city streets or difficult routes, or they can tilt it up and wear goggles to allow fresh air to flow.



By Blakely