These are questions we get daily on our social media, and we love them! It's difficult to find the right Delta-8 dosage for a new user. We understand it's confusing. Our product packaging always has general dosing instructions, but they can be too broad. One size does not fit all. So, today's blog is all about how to take one of our Delta-8 products and determine the perfect dose for you.

Why Delta-8?

If you're not familiar with Delta-8, we've got you covered. The minor cannabinoid delivers a less potent psychoactive high than its traditional counterpart, so the dosage for Delta-8 differs. Due to the lack of potency, finding your sweet spot can take some practice.

Dosage Determination Considerations


The concentration determines the amount of Delta-8 in a product. Each product's milligram weight is labeled on the front and back. The dosage, or amount of Delta-8 THC in each serving, is often different from the overall strength.

Body Mass

The amount of Delta-8 needed per serving depends on a user's weight. The more Delta-8 you need to get the desired effects, the heavier you are. A person weighing less than 100 pounds should require less Delta-8 than someone weighing over 200 pounds, correct?

Everyone is unique, so don't base your Delta-8 dosage on your bodyweight alone. Some people are heavier but less sensitive to cannabis. The potency of a Delta-8 product may vary depending on one's size.


Tolerance comes into play here. Your sensitivity to cannabinoids influences your ideal dosage. Tolerance to Delta-8 develops over time, and users may need to increase their serving size or the overall concentration of their preferred Delta-8 product. A Delta-8 tolerance may require a higher dosage, while a first-time user may not need the full recommended dose.

If you've reached a tolerance limit, it's time for a tolerance break. We have a guide for you as well.

Best Delta-8 Dosage

Please keep in mind that there is no universally perfect Delta-8 dosage. This is just one of many suggestions. Our goal is to shed light on Delta-8's effects on various weight levels. We also want you to know how much Delta-8 it takes to achieve the desired effects.

First-time users should start with 15mg or less — or half a gummy. If you're using one of our best delta 8 cartridge, take a few puffs and wait for the effects to kick in.

The amount of Delta-8 you need depends on your tolerance.

Take more gummies for stronger effects. They may be stronger and take less time to activate than usual. Those with higher tolerances are not included.

In fact, a gummy and a few puffs from your vape cartridge may be the best combination. This will help you find your personal Delta-8 sweet spot.

Remember that these are all subjective numbers. Ultimately, your ideal dose is personal. A mild effect may be seen in some Delta-8 users even at the higher doses.


Remember that increasing your Delta-8 dosage is a process when deciding on the best dosage for your needs. While these side effects aren't caused for concern, they can be avoided by using the proper dosage the first time.

It's also worth noting that not all Delta-8 products contain only Delta-8 THC. Because each of our products has unique effects, dosing methods, and concentrations, you may want to experiment with several Delta-8 products before settling on your ideal dose.

Do you need more Delta-8? For more information, contact our support team or read our blog!

By Blakely