Modest swimsuits? Perhaps you are wondering who wears this and why. You may think modest swimwear is for older or larger women. But that would be wrong. There are many reasons to offer modest curvy swimwear Australia that is designed by women for women.

No one body is the same as another. There are no one size fits. And there are many different needs and wants for swimsuits. Designers shouldn’t limit their offerings to such a wide range of people and bodies. Here are a few reasons that modest swimwear is so important.


Accessibility for religious and personal reasons, comfort, and accessibility have all been overlooked in the pursuit of more mainstream fashions. Women can swim all their lives in comfortable, well-fitted swimwear. This allows them to be more inclusive. Women can have the freedom to swim in the sport or hobby they love by having a swimsuit that is suitable for them.

Conservative Culture And Beliefs

There are many aspects to cultures that are different from one another. Fashion has always been influenced by religion and personal beliefs. We should allow all cultures and beliefs to enjoy the water.

Modesty doesn’t mean hiding. As hiding is associated with shame-based reactions, disempowering women, and inability to function, modesty should not be equated with hiding. It should be celebrated as an option, a way to show your dignity, which can often be truth-based and empowering. Modesty can be influenced by cultural norms around the globe, but it can also be reduced to personality, comfort, and sense of style, values, or convictions.

Modesty for many women doesn’t have to be to please anyone else. It isn’t outdated or unrealistic, and it doesn’t have to be sexy. Modesty, in its purest form, is a choice that empowers many women.

Skin Protection

Moderate swimwear provides greater sun protection. We are becoming more aware of the effects the sun has on skin, including premature aging and overexposure, so women are looking for safer, better protection than just sunscreen.

Our swimsuits and swimwear are most often worn outdoors by sunlamps on the pool, beach, or lake. For our sensitive skin, modest swimwear that protects from UV is a must.

UV, also known as Ultraviolet, is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The less protective material you have against UV radiation means that more of your skin is exposed. This can cause lines, wrinkles, burns, and permanent damage to our living tissue. The most vulnerable skin is protected by our weave structure, denier, and superior selection of fabrics and materials.


How many times have your found yourself wearing a large T-shirt or a pair of shorts over your swimsuit? Many women agree that swimsuits with skimpier fabrics can sometimes slip, ride up, shift or slide while they are at the beach doing their normal activities. Accidental material malfunctions can happen even during a quick swim. Other women who love beach volleyball say that their suits may not stay in place, which can prevent them from enjoying their favorite activities.

The benefits of modest swimwear, such as rash guards, for surfers, sailors, and other beach sports are doubled. They not only protect the skin from the sun, but also protect it from rashes, cuts, and other injuries.

Although it is not glamorous to leave the water in wet clothes over a swimsuit, we still felt the need for cover-ups. It sticks to your skin and can become very heavy. Also, it may not dry quickly so it can be difficult to adjust everything to dry.

Need For Diversity

It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal need or a religious belief. Modest swimwear is essential because it isn’t represented in the current swimwear trends. This is a broad and nuanced group of women looking for a modest swimsuit that is stylish and flattering, but it is often severely underrepresented.

They were frustrated by the lack of options and decided to create a fun, modest line of swimwear that would suit all women around the world.

Women are increasingly looking for cuts and styles that offer more options than the industry norm. As a woman-owned swimwear designer, we can agree with this. We believe women should have more options when it comes to swimwear. That is why we and you are so passionate about modest swimwear.

By Blakely