It is important to know why you want to be fit. Along with the development physical qualities such as endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, dexterity and speed, the work the musculoskeletal, blood circulation, tropism and brain function improves.

This is the main effect of your weight loss. Fitness should be approached with the purpose of developing this or other quality.

Write down the things you eat

We are constantly reminded that nutrition and sleep are crucial. It is particularly important for fitness. Based on the particular diet, indicators like endurance can either improve or decline depending on how they are managed. It is the same for sleep disorders, which can also be a sign of fatigue. A specific feed is necessary for normal body biceps.

Predict progress

How does this work in strength training Let’s take a training plan. Let’s say you do 5 repetitions with a 150-kg bar. This ratio allows you to calculate how many repetitions you can complete with a weight of 140kg. For pumping the buttocks in the case, the main indicator of strength is not weight or repetitions. But, the time under loads is.

Record your feelings after training

To determine if a particular type or load gives you an energy boost for the entire day, or if it depresses your sympathetic nerve system and leaves the body exhausted,

See your body composition

The main indicators are volume of chest, waist, hips and lower legs. Professional wrestlers also need this indicator. For beginners, you can have measurements taken once a month. This will be a tremendous motivator.

If you’re an athlete who wants to increase the size of your muscles, such as in your legs, (which can’t grow very quickly), then take measurements once a month, that is, during training.

Keep track of progress as well as regression.

A month ago, you could squat with a 50-kg weight and do 10 reps. Today, your strength is just 8. It could be your training program, but stress, nutrition and lack of sleep.

Don’t measure too often

Week to week progress is generally less and less. Sometimes it even stops altogether. Therefore, more than one measurement per month can lead to apathy. Do not forget that measurements may not always be an indicator.

It is important that you know the exact location of your muscles and where your body fat is. InBody has special “tucks” that can analyze your body composition. They only display the volume of muscle and fat, along with the change or increase in those parts of your body. Try playing egames special to increase your brainpower.

You should change your training routine

Stress can be a factor in the fitness journey, no matter what the goal. However, the body’s natural adaptations will eventually lead to a decrease in performance. The training diary provides some protection from the plateau effect ….. Change the training method if your goal is to not only keep your body fit but to advance.

Each three-month period is the best. You start by adapting to the new regime and then you move on to the next. After the third month, you will find yourself progressing; after the fourth, you will be recovering. Les Mills programs often change their music releases at the same frequency. They also mix exercises in different ways, alter their speed and rearrange movements. This creates additional stress which is good for progress.

By Blakely