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Safety Tips for Drivers

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While the 2020 lockdown saw a 49.47% reduction in road accident deaths (April – June), the reality is that it still requires a lot of work. This can only be achieved by being a responsible driver and teaching driving skills that promote safety on the roads.

Driving is an art. You need to focus and be disciplined. You can learn to drive your car whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver.

LTrent Driving School helps you become a safe and responsible driver.

Let’s look at some tips to help you be a safer driver.

Participate in an Advanced Driving School

Driving is about confidence. Driving is more fun when you feel confident. A 20 hour driving course can be a great option for you if you know the basics of driving but aren’t confident about driving on the roads. This course will help you build the confidence necessary to become a great driver.

Keep your car in good condition

It is crucial to maintain your vehicle in top condition. You will avoid many problems while you’re on the move. Tires with worn-out tires can not only be punctured but could explode, causing the car to skid uncontrollably. Some other good practices include checking that oil levels are right and keeping proper pressure on the tires while driving.

Always Use Your Seatbelt

No matter how confident your driving skills are, no matter how far you travel, you must always ensure that your seatbelt is on. Airbags in your car do not automatically mean that you must wear your seatbelt.

Do defensive driving

It’s impossible to control how other people drive on the road. They might be uninformed, not familiar with the rules, have an emergency, or simply have a bad day. It is your responsibility to avoid such situations. You can learn defensive driving techniques and remain calm when faced with situations like this.

Find out about the Rules and Regulations

This is an important part of being a safer driver. This is the place to learn about all rules and regulations in your area. It will allow you to maintain road safety and facilitate smooth movement. The theory classes and the practical sessions will be covered when you are enrolled in professional driving schools. You should pay close attention to what you are learning in class. It will assist you in getting behind the wheel.

Always be aware of the speed limit

Driving fast may seem exciting but safer driving is always the best option. Responsible driving is something that you need to remember. Do not exceed the speed limit and be sure to check your speedometer. The speed limit is safe for you and everyone else on the road.

Don’t cross the Lanes

Remember that weaving between lanes is not a good idea, regardless of how boring traffic jams can get. It is more likely to cause more chaos and not help you find your way out. It is a virtue to be patient when driving in the city.

Before you change lanes, be sure to indicate

A second safety tip is to use your indicator when changing lanes, making a right or lateral turn, etc. Indicators can be used to communicate with other drivers and keep them informed about your next turn, so they are safe.

Avoid multitasking while driving

It is important to avoid distractions so you can be a safer driver. You should connect your Smartphone with Bluetooth or the infotainment systems before you start driving. This will ensure that you are always up to date and can maintain your focus on what is important, even when you have to answer calls. To ensure you don’t become distracted when driving, adjust the position of your mirrors or seat so they are at an optimal level.

Drowsy drivers should not be allowed to drive

Sleepiness can make it difficult to drive if you’re feeling tired. Drowsiness may affect your driving ability, making it a risk for other drivers as well. For those who simply need to get to work, you can either hire someone to drive your car or use a taxi.

These best practices will ensure you drive safely and responsibly. To set a good example to others, make these a part of everyday driving.

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