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What Are Sex Toys?

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Sex toys, also known as “marital aids” or adult toys, are items that people use to enjoy sex and masturbation. If you have a sex disorder or other medical condition, sex toys may also be used for medical purposes. There are many types of sex toys and people use them for many reasons.

While it is perfectly normal to use sex toys it is also completely acceptable to not do so. There is nothing to be harmful as long as you safely use sex toys.

Why Do People Use Sex Toys?

There are many reasons why sex toys may be used by different people. Some people find that sex toys are the best or only way to have a sexual experience. This is particularly true for those with vulvas. People sometimes use sex toys as a way to masturbate. People use sex toys when they have sex with partners.

Certain sex toys can help people who are transgender, gender non-conforming, or nonbinary to affirm their gender identity, or relieve gender dysphoria.

People with disabilities and limited mobility may use sex toys to have sex or masturbation or to perform sexual activities that are difficult or impossible for them.

Some disorders can be treated with sex toys, such as erectile disorder, sexual dysfunction, hypoactive homosexual disorder, and orgasm disorder. Some people also find that sex toys can help with side effects such as a low sex drive, decreased sensation in the genitals, and health conditions like menopause.

What Is The Difference Between Sex Toys?

There are many sex toys on the market. These are some of the most popular and you can buy sex toys in Australia from Bliss Vixen

Vibrators — Also known as vibes, personal masseuses, or vibrators, these are objects that vibrate to stimulate your genitals. People use vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, vulva, and vagina. Vibrators can stimulate the penis and scrotum, testicles nipples, and anus. There are many sizes and shapes of vibrators. Some vibrators can be placed inside the anus or vaginal canal, while others are designed to be used outside of the body.

Dildos – Objects that fit inside a mouth, anus, or vagina. There are many sizes and shapes of dildos, but most often they look like a penis. Some look more realistic than others, while some are abstract. You can have them slightly bent to stimulate your prostate or g-spot.

Anal Toys – Sex toys designed to stimulate your anus and/or go in there. Anal toys can include anal beads (often called butt plugs), prostate massagers, and dildos that have a broad base. To safely use anal toys, you must use lube. To prevent an accidental slippage, it is important to have a flared bottom (i.e. it is wider at the base) on any toys you place in your butt. You may need to take your sex toys to the doctor if they get stuck in your butt.

Sleeves — These are also known as masturbation sleeves or penis sleeves. They are soft tubes that you can place your penis in. Sleeves come in many sizes and textures. Some sleeves have vibration and suction. Some strokers are specifically designed to accommodate larger clitoris and smaller penis sizes, especially for intersex men or trans men who are on hormone therapy.

Penis Rings — also known as cock rings or erectile dysfunction rings or constriction rings — are rings that wrap around your penis and scrotum. Penis rings can slow down blood flow to the penis (when it’s hard), which can increase sensation or make erection more difficult and lasting. Soft, flexible, and easily removable materials like rubber, silicone, and leather with snaps are the best penis rings.

Pumps — These are vacuum-like devices that create suction around the penis, clitoris, and vulva. Pumps increase blood flow, which can help with sensation and sensitivity. The suction can also be a pleasant sensation for some people. Penis pumps are a great way to get an erection.


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